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The Smart I Am Organizer™ App is an intelligent, AI-based, digital assistant which securely stores and shares vital healthcare information between individuals with disabilities, their families, and their caregivers. Life management for a loved one with a disability is an interactive process which respects their dignity and honors their choices in directing their daily lives. This smart app empowers users through education, collaboration, communication, and instant information regarding emergencies, eligible government benefits and services, and care supports within the I AM social community, contributing to a culture that affirms the dignity, value, and importance of quality care for people with disabilities.

I am so grateful that the I AM planning tool is finally becoming a reality to help busy families with individuals with disabilities easily manage their loved one.

Susan Siehr, Parent, State Family Support Network
A powerful app, with the Shoot-n-Store™ feature allowing a user to shoot and store any service provider form, much like depositing e-checks with your bank app.
John Hastings, Pro NFL coach

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