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About Us


I AM SUPPORT CARE™ is an innovative digital technology group. I AM SUPPORT CARE is focused on elevating the quality of life of caregivers and their loved ones. With the SMART I AM ORGANIZER™ App, we offer intelligent accessibility solutions for families and caregivers,  dedicated to providing next gen assistive technology to our global customers. I AM SUPPORT CARE™ is the future of data-driven healthcare. as well as machine learning technology to senior wellness health. Medicaid managed care. SMART I AM ORGANIZER™ AI/ML makes communication among health care providers effective and fast. It’s common for people who need health care services to feel anxious about their health, about what tests and treatment they might have to undergo and about what the future holds for them. Good communication skills are essential for health and social care professionals, because they help them to develop relationships and demonstrate that they care.  I AM ORGANIZER™ AI/ML helps care providers  to overcome barriers to communication.


What We Do


We empower the families of loved ones with disabilities to easily organize vital healthcare information and plan calendar activities in one convenient, digital location, saving them time, money, and ultimately giving them peace of mind.


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