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Plan and cherish the life of your loved one in every way through the Smart I AM Organizer™ App at your fingertip. Get empowered and unlock government qualifying benefits and services with your instant I AM data justification, too.

The Smart I AM Organizer™ App is a smart, secure way to record, store, access, organize, print, and share the essential life data of your loved one with a disability.

With the help of Ami, a digital voice assistant much like Amazon’s Alexa or Apple’s Siri, keeping track of appointments, reminders, and sensitive medical documents has never been easier.

With the powerful Shoot-n-Store™ feature, you can take snapshots of health or caregivers forms and other important documents, much like depositing a check with your online banking app, to store them securely in a HIPAA-compliant cloud. Share documents electronically with caregivers or print them out to create a physical backup binder.

Plus, the Smart I AM Organizer™ App can match you with eligible government benefits and services based on your profile. Get instant qualification with your secure I AM data.

The app comes with a FREE I AM subscription for basic services (includes access for one caregiver and one loved one) in your I AM SUPPORT CARE™ account, where you can manage your profile, family member(s), pre-order status, and more.

Empower yourself and gain peace of mind by pre-ordering the Smart I AM Organizer™ App today!

Smart I AM Organizer™ App Features

Ami, your digital voice assistant, is fully integrated with all the app’s features. Think of her like your personal assistant looking out for you and your loved one’s well-being: simply talk to her to update your information or ask her questions about everything from your next appointment to which government programs you qualify for.


I am so grateful that the I AM planning tool is finally becoming a reality to help busy families with individuals with disabilities easily manage their loved one.

Susan Siehr, Parent, State Family Support Network
A powerful app, with the Shoot-n-Store™ feature allowing a user to shoot and store any service provider form, much like depositing e-checks with your bank app.
John Hastings, Pro NFL coach

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