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Grandmother in wheelchair with granddaughter on a walk outside in spring nature. Washington DC.


I AM SUPPORT CARE™ expresses our heartfelt gratitude for our sponsors, volunteers, and partners. Their selfless contributions have brightened and improved the lives of countless individuals with disabilities and their families.
When you purchase or donate to the following organizations, you’re supporting groups who in turn help the disability community. Lets build it.

When you give, everyone wins.

Accessibility For All is part of our mission. By using the latest emerging accessibility technologies, together we can accomplish great things and transform the lives of people with disabilities. Our smart manual for living products are designed to help caregivers, service providers, care supporters, and parents of children and adults with disabilities by making data-recording and accessibility as easy as speaking and listening to the individual.

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Thank you to our supporters and thousands of donors like you! Support and build.


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